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We've been really interested in the idea of free, collectable NFTs as thank yous to our fans. So we've decided to start issuing POAPs for shows where possible.

What is a POAP?

POAP stands for Proof Of Attendance Protocol. You can read all about it here: Essentially they are like digital pin badges, that you can give to people who attend your events. They're free, and they don't have any of the costs like gas fees or the same environmental load as other NFTs (this is because they run on the XDAI blockchain, rather than the Ethereum main net, if you want to know the technical details you can read more about it on their site)

You collect them in a POAP wallet, or with other crypto wallets that support them.

We're looking into issuing POAPs for our live shows going forwards where possible, but to start things off, we're giving out POAPs for the 3 x O2 Academy Brixton shows this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

How does all this work? Pretty simple, follow these steps. Steps 1-3 are the crucial ones to make sure you claim your POAP - the rest can be done later.

Step 1: download the POAP app on your phone from here on the Apple or Google store on your phone (make sure you do this before you attend one of our events!).

Step 2: signup in the app using your email address or ethereum address (such as a Metamask ethereum address). If you don't know what this means, don't worry- just sign up with your email address for now.

Step 3: If you're attending one of our live events (such as our Brixton shows) look for the QR codes around the venue. They will be on small posters at our mech desk and scattered around the venue, and scan the QR code (using your camera - not within the app). This will take you to a website and add the POAP badge to your app. Note you can only claim these during the event.

Step 4: If you signed up with an email address, the POAP will stay in your app until you are ready to mint them at a future date. To mint them you will need an ethereum address - we recommend downloading Metamask as a simple crypto wallet.

Step 5: Copy the ethereum address from Metamask (you can see this in the middle of the app on your phone or web browser)

Step 6: In the POAP app, at the top above your POAPS click on the link to mint your POAPs. This will send an email to your email address. Follow the instructions in that email and the link, and paste in your ethereum address when prompted.

Step 7: Your POAPS are now minted on the XDAI chain. Note: they are no longer associated with your email address, so will disappear from your POAP app! Never fear, they are still there.

Step 8: In your POAP app, click on settings and choose "forget this address" for your email address

Step 9: Paste your ethereum address into the box in place of your email address. Now you can see all your minted POAPs, and any future POAPs you claim will be minted to this address"